The appeal of a loose beach wave knows no bounds. While synonymous with warmer weather, it’s a style that works year-round for a range of hair lengths and textures. Another plus is that it’s relatively easy to achieve at home. The secret to success when it comes to creating the perfect beach wave is (drumroll…) a good hairdryer. By using a hairdryer – our favourite right now is the newly launched ghd Helios Hairdryer – you can add texture and movement as you dry, which will give you waves that are more defined and longer lasting (not to mention resistant to humidity and frizz).

Effortless and all-flattering, we’ve curated five tips (as well as some celebrity inspiration) for the perfect beach wave using the new ghd Helios Hairdryer below. Keep scrolling to read, and let the good hair days roll.

Beach Wave Inspiration


How To Create The Perfect At-Home Beach Wave Using The Ghd Helios Hairdryer

Tip One: Preparation Is Key

Wash and condition hair before towel-drying (gently scrunch as opposed to rubbing and tugging). Mist hair all over with ghd Unplugged Heat Protect Spray. Once finished, apply a product like ghd Total Volume Foam from roots to ends. The mousse will give hair grip and height, meaning your style will last longer.

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Tip Two: Use Heat To Add Lift

Use the ghd Helios Hairdryer to rough dry hair upside down for added lift. The Helios Hairdryer has Aeroprecis™ technology where it uses a combination of four advanced internal elements to deliver a highly concentrated airflow, so you can enjoy precise styling control and achieve salon-quality results at home (and in half the time). Its even heat distribution means significantly reduced damage, too.

Tip Three: Add Texture As The Hair Is Drying For Longer-Lasting Results 

Once the hair is about 80 per cent dry, divide into four sections, twisting hair with a ceramic brush as you dry using the Helios Hairdryer in a downwards motion. Drying the hair this way sets the perfect foundation for textured waves that last because you’re working movement into the hair during the drying stages.

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Tip Four: Break Up Hair For A Natural Finish

Once hair is completely dry, use the ghd Curve® Soft Curl Tong to add a few bends and waves around the face if you feel like you need a little extra movement. When you’re finished, run either your fingers or a wide tooth comb (like this one) through lengths to break up curls for a beautiful, natural finish.

Tip Five: Set And Forget

Finally, add a little texture and hold by spraying ghd Final Fix Hairspray. Position the spray about 30cm from the head and mist all over. This step will help protect the hair from humidity-induced frizz, smooth flyaways and give your style longevity.

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