Staying at the top of the music industry for a long time – looking at you, Jennifer Lopez – is no fluke. It takes relentless work, careful thought and an ability to stay relevant for decades.

Selena Gomez knows this. At 26 and staring down her second decade as a major artist, the Wolves singer is planning her next move carefully, as she revealed in an Instagram live video.

Confirming to fans she’s back in the studio, Gomez said:

“I’m currently in the studio right now,” she shared. “It’s going really good.”

“I’m just nervous about it, honestly, because I feel like the next few choices that I’m gonna make are very crucial. So, I’m trying to be really, really diligent and just patient with everything.”

It sounds like a smart approach, given her well-documented struggles with mental health.

Last we heard from Gomez musically, she was singing about anxiety on a Julia Michaels track.

Here’s hoping Selena has JLo on speed-dial for some advice. We imagine Lopez might say something like “Take your time, Selena. Anything worth making is worth the wait. The best is yet to come – I didn’t release On The Floor until I was in my forties!”

Something like that.