Credit: Netflix

For those of us in lockdown, Netflix’s Sex/Life arrived at the perfect time. It comprises of just eight episodes so it fills a whole Sunday, has an it’s so bad it’s good kind of vibe and just overall is the perfect escapism. Heck, even if you’re not in lockdown it is essential viewing, even just to see Adam Demos naked (editors note: don’t ruin the suspense by googling it, watch the series).

It turns out that leading stars Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos were so infatuated with their own on-screen chemistry that they’re now dating in real life! But as an actor what is it like to rewatch those infamous sex scenes? The two stars took to Instagram to breakdown one of their steamy encounters, specifically their pool scene.

Shahi first revealed the rooftop scene was the “coldest day in Canada”. Demos poetically added, “Minus 9 million degrees”. Like you and I, Demos admitted he was “rattled” by watching the scene: “My heart’s been racing.”

After watching the scene, the duo spoke about the logistics around filming a pool scene. “There’s only so much you can rehearse while shooting in a pool,” Demo said. “You’ve got to dive in and stuff like that. We rehearsed certain things, like the blocking and everything like that.”

Shahi interjected, “You know the script is such a good bible to go by in terms of he comes up Billie’s leg and they kiss or whatever…”

“You did a good job Adam Demos,” Shahi continued. Demos was quick to add a cheeky quip, “It was a pleasure.”

I’m sure it was.

The show was successful despite mixed reviews and is rumoured to be renewed for a second season. As for the duo’s ongoing relationship, it seems things are getting serious with Shahi tattooing a small ‘A’ on her hand.

If you need further convincing that these two are the real deal, please see Shahi’s loved-up comments on any of Demos’ Instagram posts. You’re welcome.

The official synopsis to Sex/Life reads, “A woman’s daring sexual past collides with her married-with-kids present when the bad-boy ex she can’t stop fantasising about crashes back into her life.”