Sex and the City
Credit: Paramount

In the lead up to the hotly-anticipated reboot of Sex And The CitySarah Jessica Parker has shared an image of an old pair of blue and brown Manolo Blahnik heels on Instagram. Of course for eagle-eyed fans, it was clear they were pulled from season 4, episode 13 of the Sex and the City titled “The Good Fight”.

Carrie and her then-boyfriend Aiden (played by John Corbett) rekindled their love and moved in together. However Aiden’s puppy was causing havoc and chewed through the beloved pair of Manolos.

“Your dog owes me $380!”, Carrie famously responded on the show.

The Instagram image was captioned, “Unearthed. @justlikethatmax X, SJ”. Users quickly recalled the iconic episode before Parker responded several times in the comment section.

“Just cannot get over how much everyone knows and recalls,” Parker wrote. “It astounds and touches me. Deeply! X”

She continued, “You guys are sooooooo good!!!!!!! Xxx” she wrote, adding, “PS they have been in archive all these past years. Seeing them again…. Well. X”

Parker is not the only SATC alumni with souvenirs from the set. In April, Corbett revealed he was allowed to keep the wardrobe from his appearance between 2000 and 2003.

“I have every item I’ve ever worn on the show, down to the Calvin Klein tighty whities whenever I was in a bathroom scene with Carrie,” Corbett said. “I have the white shirt from the episode where Aidan says, “You broke my heart!” I got everything, and this was expensive stuff! The shoes that I wore were Prada and $700 and I still wear those.”

Both Parker and Corbett will reprise their roles in the aforementioned reboot, And Just Like That. It is also rumoured that Chris Noth’s infamous character, Mr. Big, will not return though HBO has neither confirmed nor denied the speculation.

Stay tuned for further developments on the upcoming series.