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One way to celebrate the upcoming summer holiday season (and the gift-with-purchase public holidays) is with a ceremonial trip to the nail salon or via DIY manicure refresh. This is when many of us will reach for the standard warm weather arsenal of shades – read: bright colours and bold finishes. But with this season’s bold prints, retro shapes and more-is-more message showing no signs of slowing down, a pared back approach to nails has never felt more now.

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“I always go minimal, no matter the season, but neutral nails in summer will lend its hands to any outfit,” says Sara Donaldson, style influencer and founder of Harper and Harley. “If you opt for a colourful nail this can limit the colours you then wear when picking out your outfits, whereas with a neutral nail your options aren’t as restricted.”

Credit: Instagram @harperandharley

The fashion blogger has partnered with The Nail Lab to create a capsule collection of essential neutral polishes to take your through summer and beyond. “I started by working off the current TNL collection and looked for gaps and what colours I’m always searching for that they didn’t have. There were a few that were close to what I was after so we used them as the base and then lightened, darkened, made some richer in colour and another more sheer.”

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And while Donaldson is known for her chic-minimal approach to dressing, the trio of understated nail shades  will offer a welcome reprise from a louder summer wardrobe too. “I think we were able to really add to the current TNL offering with these go-to colours.” Below, we asked Donaldson for her top-to-toe tips.Nails6
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GRAZIA: DIY Manicures or salon only? 
Sara Donaldson: Mostly DIY, but I like to treat myself every couple of months with an in salon manicure, it always feels so nice when someone else does it.

G: What beauty products will you be loving this summer?
SD: I like to keep it dewy and fresh. Nothing too heavy or over bronzed. An illuminator and SPF will be my best friends this summer. I’m currently using Dior’s illuminating primer and invisible zinc, as they both work well into the skin for a natural and non greasy finish.

G: Match fingers and toes, or not?
SD: The colours on my toes and hands don’t alway match, but they also don’t clash. If you were to go for a bright colour, either match it or make the other one a neutral would be my advice.