Between sharing beach-side snaps and glamorous candids, it’s easy to see why everyone has fallen for girl-next-door Sammy Robinson. The Sydney creative is known for makeup tutorials and lifestyle vlogs, but lately there’s been an evident shift from beauty babe to fashion girl.

GRAZIA spoke with the beauty vlogger at the launch of her limited-edition Bondi Beauties Sammy bikini. “I am so passionate about it and I know social media won’t last forever, so I want to be the best that I can while I have my channels.”

“These opportunities to design my own lines have definitely made me realise that fashion is the route I want to take for the future of my brand.”

Over the course of this year, Robinson has proved she is just as talented in the style department as she is makeup. One need look no further than the launch of her Sammy Robinson X Princess Polly winter collaboration, being voted Cosmopolitan’s Fashion Influencer of the Year 2018 (prior to the magazine’s closure), and now the BONDI BEAUTIES capsule collection of swimwear she’s co-designed with two friends and fellow social media stars.

Vlogger Sammy Robinson in her eponymous bikini. (Credit: Jack Steele)

“I don’t miss the beauty side because I am lucky that I have the capacity to work with both [that and fashion],” Robinson explained when asked if she ever longs for her video tutorial days. “Even though I have been more focused on my style and fashion, beauty hasn’t taken a backseat because they work perfectly together.”

For Bondi Beauties, Robinson working alongside fellow Australian influencers Chloe Morello and Lauren Curtis. Each design their a piece of swimwear they considered their go-to style. What all three styles had in common was their thick, artic white fabric.

“When it comes to swimwear, I love a cheeky cut,” Morello said of her Brazilian-style bikini, which features strappy details and a barely-there triangle top and bottom.

Curtis took a more conservative (although no less bombshell) approach, designing a V-neck one-piece with open back. Bust support played an important role in crafting her style and was at the forefront of the Sydney girl’s mind throughout the design process.

From left: Chloe Morello, Sammy Robinson and Lauren Curtis in their Bondi Beauties swimwear. (Credit: Jack Steele)

Robinson admits she aimed for “a little touch of sexiness, whilst being super elegant and chic” when it came time to create her signature bikini.

“I am obsessed with vintage fashion, and I found all the pictures of my mum travelling the world in her 20s very inspiring,” she told GRAZIA. “The high-rise briefs and the tie front bikini top are such flattering shapes for so many different figures. I wanted it to be strapless, as this is the most flattering for me, but I was keen to include a halter neck strap for those with a larger bust so that I gave them a little more support.”

While not her first fashion design foray, the Robinson says this experience was unique. “The process was completely different because my clothing line was winter-inspired, with jeans, linen shirts, linen pants and long dresses.”


“There is a lot to take into account when trying to design a swimsuit that will be flattering and make you feel beautiful and empowered. Everyone’s body shapes are so different and it’s hard to cater to everyone, but that’s why I am so grateful to design a collection alongside Lauren [Curtis] and Chloe [Morello].”

“We wanted to ensure we were catering for all shapes and sizes.”

Growing up beach-side also inspired her to consider her swimsuit’s out-of-water potential too. “I love a bikini top under overalls, with high-waisted shorts or pants,” Robinson said.

Scroll down for the rest of GRAZIA’s interview with Sammy Robinson, and shop the Bondi Beauties collection HERE. Each style is priced at $80.

you also launched a collection with Princess Polly earlier this year and won the now-departed Cosmopolitan magazine’s ‘fashion influencer of the year’ award. how do you feel about this shift from beauty to fashion? Fashion has been a great passion of mine since I was a little girl. I think I started in the beauty space primarily because it’s easier for a young girl to afford. I was just out of high school working at the pub and would spend every penny I earned on makeup from Priceline. I built up a collection and started doing tutorials so everyone assumed beauty was my thing. Now that I am getting older and am able to afford more within the fashion space, I can express myself more through my style and have a bigger platform that has given me the opportunity to choose where I want to take my career.

You were one of Australia’s fastest growing beauty influencers when you began. is that a surreal notion now when you look back?  I think because my job is so fast-paced and ever-changing, I rarely take the time to look back or stop for a second to give myself a pat on the back. This life I am leading is everything I could have imagined, my five-year-old self would be screaming. Obviously, with everything in life there is the good and the bad, but I definitely think the positives make me strive to work harder and become a better, more independent person. I know social media won’t last forever, so I want to be the best that I can while I have my channels.

What do you recommend young women remember when shopping for a swimsuit this summer? I think it is important to choose a bikini or swimsuit that makes you feel confident and beautiful. There is no point looking at a girl on Instagram and wearing the same thing as her just because it looks amazing on her. Figure out your own body shape, personal style and dress for yourself. Most importantly walk with your shoulders back, a smile on your face and you will shine no matter what.

What beach or seaside location do you picture yourself wearing your ‘Sammy’ Bikini in? I picture it all over the world. White is the most perfect shade for a European tan in Greece, next to the colourful buildings in Italy, posing by the palm trees in Bora Bora, or simply lying by the pool in your own backyard.

finally, what was the highlight of this collaboration for you?  Flying to Palm Springs to shoot the campaign was definitely the best part. We all had such a blast. I got to shoot with all the amazing MAXCONNECTORS [talent management agency] girls, in the most incredible location, with my favourite photographer Jack Steele, and my bestie Holly Philips.