Saint Laurent
Charlotte Gainsbourg wearing Saint Laurent Spring 2021 in “French Water.”

Cinephiles and sartorialists alike were in for a treat yesterday: four months after debuting its Gaspar Noé-directed “Summer of ’21” horror flick, Saint Laurent took to YouTube yesterday to reveal its latest short film, a nine-minute collaboration between creative director Anthony Vaccarello and legendary American filmmaker Jim Jarmusch—not to mention a handful of celebrities.

The star-studded surrealist film, titled “French Water,” opens on a dinner table littered with abandoned cups and plates of untouched cookies. The night is over, but a few of the well-dressed guests have become separated and are in search of one another. Chloë Sevigny and Julianne Moore walk through the venue’s mirrored doors before quickly exiting in entirely different ensembles; Charlotte Gainsbourg appears in a patent leather trench coat and bike coats, and then, suddenly pops up again, this time in a short white jumpsuit as she takes a swig from a leftover bottle of champagne. A lone waiter, played by TikTok star Leo Reilly (who happens to be the son of actor John C. Reilly), holds a tray of glasses. “Would you like some water?” he asks Indya Moore, who has a sudden outfit change themselves. (All of the clothes in question are from the Paris-based fashion house’s knockout Spring Summer 2021 collection.) “It’s from France,” he adds.

Moments after spinning around the room to the tune of The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s “Anemone,” the elusive Gainsbourg happens upon a pile of books: “They who dream by day are cognisant of many things which escape those who dream only by night,” she reads, quoting Edgar Allen Poe. As for what to make of all of it? As a masked Indya Moore, finally reunited with fellow guests, says before walking out: “French water.”

Take a step into the dream-like universe of Saint Laurent and Jim Jarmusch and watch “French Water” below.