Trust Aesop to take a paltry, rather ugly hygiene object and make it beautiful. Introducing Aesop’s Déodorant Roll-On; a stylish offering for odour control.

The new, equally slick sibling to Aesop’s spray-on Déodorant, its roll-y counterpart is deliciously smooth and creamy in texture, and most importantly, soothing. For those partial to skin irritation by conventional deodorants, this is just your stick; both aluminium- and alcohol-free, a clever formulation for even the fussiest of folk.

Available in two variants – classic and Herbal – each deodorant invokes a very different scent, yet share common ground, namely key ingredients Zinc Ricinoleate and Wasabi extract. The herbal is, as its name would suggest, suitably herbaceous (and pairs in perfectly with other Aesop products). A carefully considered blend of essential oils including Sage, Eucalyptus, Lavender and Neroli, unpleasant odours are masked with a woody, verdant scent. Whilst its equal is what you would expect walking into an Aesop store; that classic earthy scent synonymous with the tawny bottle, it comprises a blend of essential oils including Vetiver Root, Coriander Seed and Patchouli – all rolled into one.

As always, they are gender fluid, housed in their signature amber glass and impossibly chic – even the word ‘déodorant’ is accented for a final, French touch.

Personal care to refresh both body and senses; let the clean times roll.

Aesop Deodorant Roll-On and Herbal Deodorant Roll-On, $35 (each). SHOP NOW