Credit: Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images

From time to time we’ve all suffered from dark under eyes. Perhaps it was from a poor night of sleep or too much drinking the night before. Unfortunately for me, no matter how many hours of shut eye I get, there is no way to completely rid myself of the dark shadows that loom under the eyes – these bags are certainly not Prada.

I and many others suffer from hereditary dark under eyes that for the most part, can’t really be cured. The pigmentation can be caused by a number of reasons including allergies and inflammation (tick) and poor circulation (also tick). I’ve learned to tolerate my under eyes as I’ve gotten older but for years I’ve struggled with the best way to minimise the appearance. I’m more of a “no makeup, makeup” kind of woman so I struggle to use full-coverage and cakey concealers.

By pure happy accident this week, I found the dynamic duo of all beauty products to combat the shadow. No full face of makeup required.

Last week the new LAMAV Vitamin C Glow Range came across my desk. I immediately trialled the Anti Dark-Circle Eye Gel, applying the product morning and night. A little pump goes a long way on the under eye region and using a jade roller or another facial massage tool, brings a cooling and de-puffing effect.

The gel contains Vitamin C (needed for normal skin function) from Kakadu Plum which promotes visibly brighter and evenly-toned skin. Licorice Root Extract is known for its anti-inflammatory properties to help improve skin healing and brighten skin while Rumex Extract is used to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase, which causes the development of pigmentation in skin.

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I swear by trialling a product for a month before delivering my final consensus. I made special exception this time around after pairing my skincare routine over the top of the newly-launched Milk Makeup Sunshine Under Eye Tint + Brighten. Without applying a face of foundation and after the LAMAV Gel is absorbed, I use two beads of tint across my under eyes before patting down with my finger. The shade seamlessly blends into my clean skin for a natural appearance to hiding my dark circles.

Similarly, the Milk Makeup tint contains Vitamin C to brighten the skin while caffeine reduces any residual puffiness for refreshed eyes.

Neither product is a silver bullet to curing the pigmentation, but used together along with a healthy diet and plenty of water, certainly creates the illusion of looking well-rested.

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