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If you’re fortunate enough to be working from home right now, consider yourself blessed. But it’s also perfectly okay to be stressed, because trying to stay on top of your workload whilst out of routine isn’t a simple task. Throw in a small apartment, flat mates, a partner, the cat, a sub par internet connection and a tough economic climate, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Here, the GRAZIA team are sharing their best tips for working from home (and actually succeeding at it). Tracksuits, mimosa’s and fake island escapes included.

If you are not in any way shape or form an organised human, start with a simple to do list each day. Tackle the list in order of urgency, ticking things off as you complete them. Be realistic when setting it – a mostly un-ticked list is bad for morale.

Use the time you would usually be travelling to work to make a coffee or mimosa to plan your day – Laura Cordaiy, Senior Integration Manager

Will new stationary boost you up? If so, try An Organised Life. A beautiful, female-owned small company. On that note, founder Beck Wadworth has some amazing tips for working from home. If you co-habit with a partner or flatmate, she suggests setting up rules to govern things like lunch breaks, music and call-taking so everyone can work productively and smoothly.

Put a strong morning routine in place. This means you’re dressed and ready to work at a normal time, rather than starting work the minute you wake up, only pausing to change and scoff some toast at 10 am. No need to put on a blazer, but combed hair and fresh sweats at least.

If I need to write, I turn my phone completely off. It’s the easiest way to minimise distractions – Chrisanthi Kaliviotis, Fashion Features Editor

Still struggling to switch into work mode? Put on real shoes. In the house. Yep – it’s backed by science – Emily Algar, Beauty Editor

But a stop to death by inbox by setting aside three half-hour blocks to attend to it. One first thing, one at midday, and one in the late afternoon. Outside of this, turn notifications off.

Do a zoom video call with your friends and change the background to a tropical island (cyber escapism) – Laura Cordaiy, Senior Integration Manager

Work out a comfortable WFH situation. Use books to prop up your laptop to an ergonomic height. Take stretching breaks every hour or so. If you don’t have a desk, turn the dining table into a makeshift office – just clear it off at the end of the day.

Try the Pomodoro technique: break tasks into 25 minute blocks of time called Pomodoros. At the end of each 25 minute block, take a five minute break. The idea is to protect your Pomodoro from all interruptions. Just work.

If I’m struggling to concentrate, I’ll find a new area of the house to work in for the morning or afternoon – Bek Clark, writer

Lastly, if you can’t work normally or focus, that’s fine. These aren’t normal times and it’s perfectly okay to be overwhelmed. Speak to your manager, or give yourself permission to take a break. You don’t have to thrive right now if you don’t feel up to it.