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Last month Prince William became the subject of tabloids around the world when he was pictured living it up in the Swiss ski town Verbier, drinking and dancing in the company of friends and Australian model Sophie Taylor.

Adding to his uncharacteristically wild public behaviour, it all went down when most of the Royal family was at Westminster Abby to mark Commonwealth Day, meaning it had all the makings of a royal scandal.

Now the Duke of Cambridge has at last commented on his wild weekend, and even brought it up himself during an interview on the UK’s BBC1 radio station.

William, with Kate by his side as the couple visited the BBC studios to raise awareness for their mental health charity Heads Together, was asked whether he’d ever been to the Glastonbury music festival, or would like to.

“I’ve got into enough trouble with my dancing recently. So it’s probably best to stay away from that one,” he said, finding humour in the circus it caused.

The Duke of Duchess and Cambridge both laughed, indicating any tensions that arose from the situation had long abated.

The royal couple also gave some insight into how they spend their downtime at Kensington Palace, and it’s more similar to your lifestyle than you might think. After their children George and Charlotte are asleep, Wills and Kate like to watch a TV series – they named Homeland and Game Of Thrones as two of their favourites – and order takeaway, usually curry.

If you’re wondering whether the couple use an app like Seamless or Menulog and type in ‘Kensington Palace’ as the address, sorry to disappoint, but no.

“It doesn’t usually get ordered to the Palace to be honest, normally someone goes and picks it up.”

The perks of being a royal.