It was the geek-chic glasses trend we never saw coming: oversized metal Aviators that looked more 1970s professor than professional model.

But once Alessandro Michele sent the look down his Spring Summer 2017 runway, there was no looking back. Justin Beiber, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid were all early adopters, and countless brands followed up with their own versions in the following season.

But after seeing the new Cinema Evolution video unveiled by Prada today on its social media channels, we think there might just be a contender for the Hottest Retro Frames title.

A still from the new Prada Cinema Evolution short film. Model wears the Cinema sunglass style

The plastic-rimmed Cinema style is more ‘cheeky grandma’ than ‘mad professor’ and will apparently come in both optical and sunglass form, the latter in four different blends of frame and mirrored glass.

The best news, you can now find the reading style at OPSM in Australia for $400. Sunglass Hut has the shades for $460 in all four shades.

While the shades are elegantly cool, it’s the reading style that ticks all our street-geek style boxes. Question is, are you ready to cast off your OTT aviators quite yet? Alternative days might just be the best way forward…

Watch the PRADA Cinema 2019 video here

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