Hello me,

How are you?

Yeah, I’m a bit scared, too. Don’t worry though, we’re all a little scared, anxious, confused. At least we’ve got each other. We need each other. In fact, it’s a good time to get reacquainted. Don’t let this quarantine get you down, use it for good, use it for you. To heal. To help. To have fun even. While your social life has gone on sabbatical, take the time to get intimate with your one true love.

Here, some great things to do with me (you) that don’t suck.

And be positive, it’ll all be OK.

Lots of love,

Me x

A list of lovely things to do on your home stay:

Read a book/s

Bake a cake

Do a jigsaw puzzle

Up your sexy time 😉

Online shop (our salubrious sale guide is coming soon)

Organise / become a minimalist

Write a haiku

Paint, doodle, draw

Do at-home yoga / pilates


Binge on old faves (Breaking Bad is great for a second round spin)

Binge on new faves

Call your mum

Write a love letter


Love a succulent, or similar

Call your dad


Throw a bougie dinner party for one (or one + partner / roomies) and dress up all fabulous

Have a bubble bath

Make an IRL mood board

Play an old school board game

Watch a classic

Order (and drink) some fancy, natural wine (DRNKS is our favourite)

Burn the “good” candles

Learn how to play poker, properly

Go crazy with nail colour

Colour co-ord your wardrobe

Call your Nan

Try knitting

Research something you love

Finally indulge that 10-step skincare routine

Mask, mask, mask

Organise the cutlery draw

Play dress-ups / outfit mood board

Learn a language

Watch a foreign language film in your newly learnt language

Have a phone-feee zone (if only for a moment)