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When a group of Reddit users outsmarted Wall Street last week, banding together to buy GameStop stock, driving up the price of the company’s stock by 135 percent last week and prompting a group of hedge funds to lose billions of dollars, it was like watching a movie in real-time. Just as unbelievable as The Wolf of Wall Street and just as confusing as The Big Short – so much so that people relied on Margot Robbie’s bathtub scene for a dumbed-down explanation of exactly WTF was going on – you could put money (ha!) on the fact that production companies would be clamoring to recreate the drama on the big screen as soon as possible. 

And these days, no one moves faster than Netflix. Already, the streaming giant has revealed that not only is a movie in the works chronicling the GameStop stock drama and its greater implications, but that they’ve confirmed one of the lead actors: 24-year-old To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star and every tween’s dream man, Noah Centineo. 

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According to Deadline, Oscar-winning screenwriter Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty) is in talks to write the screenplay and Scott Galloway, the activist/journalist, New York University professor and expert on tech issues is in talks to consult on the script.

Though Netflix declined Deadline’s request to comment on the project, the publication reports,  “sources said the intention is to use the GameStop episode as a specific way to shine a light on the phenomenon of how social media has leveled the playing field and allowed the masses to challenge status quo gatekeepers, for good and bad.”

In conclusion, we all have about a year to get our heads around the stock market while Netflix makes its film. Sound doable? Perhaps it’s time to rewatch that bathtub scene (again)…