Looking into someone’s Instagram saved folder is a little like peeking into their handbag. It’s a sacred space, and says a lot about a personality. Mine is a chaotic melange of recipes, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s outfit posts, ASMR videos, vintage cinema stills and manicure ideas. Sadly though (and much like the RHW outfit rolodex) the nail art ideas are just that: ideas. I have never actually copied them at home (even though I repeatedly tell myself I will come Sunday afternoon). But now, with this sudden onslaught of spare time, the time has finally come to actually do as opposed to scroll.

Chances are I’m not alone in this weird vortex of at-home working/Instagramming/cleaning, so I thought I would share my current saves. Colour palettes are interchangeable with what you have at home, and think outside the box when it comes to tools (toothpicks, forks, matches and sticky tape will all serve you here). So take that three spare hours and run with it. An at-home mani never looked so good.