In my humble opinion, Milk Makeup is one of the best launches Sephora Australia has seen in recent years. In a saturated industry, what they’re doing feels fresh: innovative application methods, modern product textures, on-point names and shades, plus the blurring of lines between skincare and makeup. It’s a brand that’s cool and modern but still practical, and almost every new release piques my interest.

The latest, Bionic Blush, is particularly noteworthy. I love liquid blush but my current favourite (Glossier Cloud Paint) it too hard to get without a trip overseas. This formula seemed to hit all the same markers — buildable pigment, skin-like texture, and shades that made you look like you’ve been in the sun — plus the benefits of peptides, jojoba, shea butter and hyaluronic acid.

First impression was actually that it had separated, so be sure to give it a shake before you squeeze (it has an oily component though, so rest assured this is normal). Texture-wise, it’s dewy and fresh without being ‘shiny’. As you pat it into the skin though, it melts and becomes one, leaving a natural-looking flush that doesn’t really have a beginning or end point, given you’ve properly blended.

I took it all the way across my cheeks to the temples, and tapped any remaining product across the bridge of my nose. Fingers are great as the warmth helps the product to adhere, but you could also use a fluffy brush to sweep it across the skin. The end result was like I’d been in the sun all day, maybe just jogged up a few flights of stairs — healthy, energised, sunkissed and youthful.

As for the wear, it didn’t crease or get caught in any little flakes of skin. I put this down the the emollient ingredients and light-as-air texture. It did slightly fade, but I almost prefer it this way — it’s more believable.

What’s really amazing about the range is the shade variation. Beyond, a purple-ish berry hue would be beautiful on its own for deeper skin, but I mixed with a drop of Infinity for a softer pinky-raspberry. Fly is the ultimate cherry red, while Teleport is a tropical mandarin hue I found surprisingly wearable (best paired with a swoop of bronzer). They’re rich in pigment but buildable, so you can really impart as much or as little colour depth as you like. But unlike frosty pinks or boring peach, these shades are warm, flattering and really unique. Five stars from me.

Milk Makeup Bionic Blush in shades Beyond and Infinity (mixed)

Bionic Blush is 100% going to be the work horse of my summer makeup routine. It’s just launched at Sephora — keep scrolling to shop the range.


Milk Makeup Bionic Liquid Blush (pictured in shade Beyond), $32. SHOP NOW