Miley Cyrus performs live on the Pyramid stage during day five of Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm, Pilton on June 30, 2019 in Glastonbury, England.  (Photo by Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

It must be love. The other day Miley posted a series of sadfaced (but still beautiful) photos to Instagram stories from her bed in which she complained of a sore throat. 

“Tonsillitis is a f—ing f—!” she wrote. “This f—ing blows” she said in another shot, adding a series of sick-face emojis.

But Cody soon came to the rescue, as we saw in another shot captioned “The DR. is back…luckiest” featuring Simpson on the couch, strumming his guitar. 

Miley wasn’t joking about the severity of her illness, though — her next stories were sent from her hospital bed, where she lay wearing a hospital gown and with an IV in her arm. 

Cody came to visit, and Miley described him as her boyfriend in her post. “BF coming to visit me @ the hospy” with a series of black hearts.

He arrived with his trusty guitar and a bunch of roses – “#ImNotCrying #YoureCrying”, she wrote — and proceeded to serenade her with an original song. What a prince!

Cody actually refers to himself as Prince Neptune on his separate, poetry Instagram account. His recent posts have followers speculating he is talking about Miley. One reads,

“the moon’s souvenir

the boulevardier

a ballerina on the promenade

we open our curtains

to the domesticated world

for a natural hour

spinning elvis records

and making love

in the soft jewelled morning

– Prince Neptune

The accompanying picture features a woman who might be Miley leaning against a balcony railing, in shadows. 

In another Instagram story, Miley shared a picture of Cody captioning it 


Australian (my type)



While ill, Miley has also been posting pics celebrating her record Bangerz, which was released six years ago. 

Other Instagram stories posted from hospital include one with Mom Tish, who she thanks for brushing her hair — “how you present yourself can change how you feel” — she quips, and one in which she has refashioned her hospital gown into a halter dress, describing it as “#skyferreira/#courtneylove#ysl” vibes. 

Miley is due to play Gorillapalooza this weekend with Bruno Mars, a charity event founded by Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi in aid of gorilla conservation. 

“Hoping the Rock star G*DS send me a boost of bad ass and help me kick this shit to the curb where it belongs!”, animal-loving Miley posted from hospital. “We got gorillas to save!”