Picture: Instagram

Ummmmm Agent Provocateur has just released a saucy Christmas campaign featuring Charli XCX and it’s so hot we’re blushing. 

The casting is inspired — Charli’s probably the most provocative mainstream pop star on the planet right now and she absolutely nails this shoot. 

The style is very Yee Haw — Charli wears a cowboy hat throughout while riding a mechanical bull — a very plush, white, classy, headless mechanical bull.

She also wears some fabulous long gloves and some super sexy lingerie — everything from red brassieres and garters to black lace teddies to mango bra and panties sets. 

Picture: Instagram

Charli has a mean, probably Pilates-tones bod and, we’re just going to say it, a great, natural rack. She’s cool, confident and completely in control and these are very sexy qualities, and she really knows how to ride that bull. In short, we expect this campaign to do verrrry well for Agent Provocateur, and it won’t hurt Charli’s career either. 

Picture: Instagram

“It’s nearly Christmas season and nothing says festive like riding a bronco in head to toe @agentprovocateur like a true rhinestone rodeo queen! 💞❤ shooting the Saddle Up Santa campaign with AP was absolutely iconic and i can’t wait for you to see the full thing! ❤💞 go follow AP and my rodeo antics at @agentprovocateur 💞❤ let’s riiiiiiiide 💞💓❤ love you AP! ❤💓💞”

A few of Charli’s friends have already weighed in on Insta. 


“This is beautiful. No cap,” said Lizzo.

“HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!” wrote Dua Lipa. 


It’s not the first time Agent Provocateur has asked a starlet to ride a bull. Kylie’s 2001 campaign for the brand has been voted the sexiest cinema ad of all time. 

We‘re behind both of these rhinestone cowgirls.