Truth be told, sirens have beautiful skin. But how?

With Salt by Hendrix’s Mermaid Facial Oil, of course. Highly moisturising yet light as a feather, this beautiful oil is designed to assist with improving skin elasticity and hydration. Rich in delicious fatty acids like Omega 6 and Omega 9, it also boasts Vitamin A and E, linoleic and oleic acids; it’s like a superfood for your skin. Beautifully aquatic; dip your toes (or face) into this. Plus, it will sit pretty on your vanity; soft lime green and monochrome tones = Instagram heaven.

Like a mermaid in repose – languid and seraphic – slather this on and one thing is for sure – you’ll have beautiful skin, just like the sirens.

Salt by Hendrix Mermaid Oil, $35. SHOP NOW