Melanie Grant is a facialist and skin expert has spent years establishing herself as a global authority in all things complexion health. From local beginnings (including clinics in both Sydney and Melbourne), Grant now has outposts in Los Angeles and Paris, and a noteworthy client list including names like Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Cassandra Grey. Add global skin expert for Chanel and global skin advisor for Augustinus Bader, and it’s evident that Grant is incredibly well-versed in all things skin health.

While nothing measures up to an in-person appointment, Grant has excitingly released her very first book, The Modern Guide to Skin Health. Thorough but accessible, it details all there is to know about skincare, common concerns, Grant’s own philosophy and some stellar product recommendations. The book officially launched on Wednesday (you can secure your own below) so we spoke with Grant to understand the process, what’s inside, and what she hopes readers will take away.

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On skin education…

A huge driving force for me has always been education. Giving my clients the knowledge and tools to understand their own unique skin, and empowering them to care for it in the right way at home has always been really important to me. Aside from the conversations I have with clients in the treatment room, over the years I’ve also tried to find ways to connect with people over social media. I started typing up some very basic “Notes On” various skin concerns and before I knew it, I had more than I could imagine. I wanted to find a way to present these in a way that could be easily referenced – and returned to – that would be helpful to people wanting to understand the many directions they might take to achieve optimal skin health.

On curating essential skin information…

This was probably the hardest part, and one I’m sure my editors felt took the brunt of the workload! Though I could speak for days on each skin concern, I realised very quickly in the process that the most important thing was to find a way to filter through the masses of conflicting information available to us about products, ingredients, skin concerns and treatment options over the internet and across social media. I wanted to present the right information clearly and present it in a way that was enjoyable to read, simple to access and easy to refer back to as we navigate the changes of our skin daily, monthly and through the various stages of our lives. Above all, anything included had to be helpful and give the reader the tools they’d need to learn about their skin, understand the best way to target their concerns and to treat it in a way that would yield long term results.

On her skin philosophy…

I’ve definitely taken a marked shift towards a ‘less but better’ philosophy and really honed in on the idea of a ‘strategic approach’ to skin care. It’s not easy belonging to an industry that celebrates innovation and the constant cycle of newness with updated formulas and product launches – the temptation to constantly try something new and add more steps to your regime is always there! But, over the last couple of years I think we’ve all become increasingly aware of our choices as consumers, both environmentally and also in terms of our own well being. More doesn’t always mean better. Working with a really streamlined edit of products that are specific to your unique skin concerns gives you the freedom to rely on them to do the heavy lifting for you, while being able to use less, consume less and stress less. It’s freeing to simply follow three or four steps in the morning and evening and still be able to achieve amazing results.

On skin protection and prevention…

I’ve always been an advocate for taking a preventative approach and I don’t think this will ever change. You’d be surprised at how many common skin concerns – like laxity, pigment and fine lines – can all be addressed, or better yet prevented by simply incorporating a broad spectrum SPF into your regime. Antioxidants are also key to limiting the damaging effects of pollution, oxidative stress and environmental aggressors. I love to apply an antioxidant serum in the mornings after cleansing and before my moisturiser and sun care to avoid accelerated ageing and preserve the integrity of the skin.


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