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Royal biographer and journalist Omid Scoobie, the man who first publicly asked Meghan Markle about her mental health in 2019, has revealed the Duchess of Sussex emailed the palace last year requesting they release a statement clearing up the reports she had made Kate Middleton cry ahead of her royal wedding to Prince Harry. 

As Markle and Prince Harry said during their two-hour interview with Oprah, a huge reason behind their decision to step back as senior royals was the lack of support they were receiving from the palace, especially when it came to debunking false reports about them.

One of the most salacious reports to emerge at the end of 2019 was that ahead of her wedding, Markle made Middleton cry over a discussion about flower girl dresses. But in her conversation with Oprah, Markle revealed that it was actually the other way around: Middleton had made her cry.

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In a new feature, Scoobie wrote that in January 2020, Kensington Palace “urgently requested that Prince Harry cosign a statement against an ‘offensive’ newspaper report stating Prince William ‘constantly bullied’ the Sussexes before their decision to step away.”

Scoobie reports that according to a source, the request prompted Markle to email palace aids, writing, ‘“Well, if we’re just throwing any statement out there now, then perhaps KP can finally set the record straight about me [not making Kate cry].”’ 

In the same email, Markle also asked why the Sussexes’ side of the story and public image was “never considered important to anyone.” 

“But, as with many requests made by the couple, her suggestion was ignored. The Duchess of Cambridge, she was told, should never be dragged into idle gossip,” Scoobie writes. 

As Markle told Oprah, the silence from the palace, alongside a constant barrage of negative press, resulted in her having suicidal ideation ahead of the couple’s decision to relocate to Los Angeles.

When asked whether he had spoken to his brother yesterday, Prince William replied, “I haven’t yet, but I will.”

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