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These days she’s the star of a hit TV show – and dating a prince – but Meghan Markle has revealed her life is a true rags-to-riches tale.

The Suits star, who’s been dating Prince Harry since mid-2016, has opened up about being so broke during her years as an aspiring actress that she didn’t have enough money to get her car repaired – even though the doors didn’t open.

“The clicker wouldn’t open the front doors and I couldn’t afford to fix this car and this was how I got from one audition to the other,” she said at the Create & Cultivate conference as reported by The Mirror.

“So what I would start to do is literally go to these auditions, park at the back of the parking lot and I would open my trunk… and crawl into the back of my car to the front seat to drive off to my next audition.”

She added that her “beat up, hand-me-down Ford Explorer Sport” also had a number plate tied on with rope and sounded like a “steamboat engine”.

Things couldn’t be more different for the 35-year-old now, as she jets back and forth between Toronto where she films Suits and London, where she spends time with Prince Harry.


Meghan and Harry began dating at least six months ago, and their romance appears to be going strong. They recently enjoyed a holiday to Norway to see the Northern Lights, and afterwards they headed to London where Harry introduced her to Kate Middleton (she’d already met Prince William), which according to a source went well.

Which isn’t at all surprising given the two women have quite a lot in common.

Last year Harry took the unusual step of releasing an official statement requesting paparazzi and tabloids keep their distance, as he had concerns for her safety. 

If Meghan and Harry marry and she becomes a princess, it’ll be a real-life Cinderella story given her past spent climbing in and out of the boot of her car.