Mecca Christmas collection
Image courtesy of Mecca

I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging. But if there’s anything I love more than a well-wrapped beauty product, it’s Christmas. With these facts in mind, it’s no wonder I’m incredibly excited about the launch of this year’s Mecca holiday collection. From the bronzing stick I use most days to the sunscreen that has a cult-following for a reason, the 2022 beauty edit has truly delivered the goods.

The entire Mecca holiday gift guide is online from today, but for anyone feeling a little overwhelmed by choice, here are my top picks.

For the skincare-obsessed

There’s no such thing as too much skincare, though your bank account may argue differently, which is exactly why Christmas can be the perfect time to put beauty products on your wish list. This year’s collection features some of my all-time favourite Mecca skincare products, including the Mecca Max Skin Splash Watercooler Serum, which leaves my skin bouncy and hydrated every morning. This serum comes in the Mecca Max Cool It Kit along with a lovely SPF, just in time for summer holidays. For the more advanced skincare devotee, I love the lineup in the Mecca Cosmetica The Radiance Ritual, which features a brightening vitamin C serum, a hyaluronic acid serum, and one of my all-time favourite face oils (seriously, you need to smell it).

Cool Kit Watercooler Serum and Screen Save Skincare DuoMecca Max Cool It Kit Watercooler Serum and Screen Saver SPF Skincare Duo, $40. SHOP NOW.

Kit No 4Kit: Kit No. 4, $75. SHOP NOW.

Mecca Cosmetica Holiday - The Radiance RitualMecca Cosmetica The Radiance Ritual, $120. SHOP NOW.

For fans of “clean girl” makeup

The “clean girl” beauty trend, which sees a focus on minimal makeup, isn’t going anywhere. For those of us who are still holding on to our beauty habits from years ago, being gifted a new product to try can be the perfect nudge to experiment with something new.

The Mecca Max Brow Down kit, for example, is the perfect way to try fluffy soap brows without having to mess around with any actual soap, which can be flakey and irritate the skin if not used carefully. Similarly, the Mecca Cosmetica Signature Glow Edit is the perfect way to introduce a friend to one of my favourite products, the Mecca Cosmetica Weekend Skin Glow Serum, which I’ve personally tried and loved. Along with the cheek and illuminator tint, this kit makes the skincare-meets-makeup look easy. Another of my favourite products (which I almost use daily) is the Mecca Max Off Duty Contour Stick, which features in this nifty trio kit alongside a cheek stick and glass highlighting stick. Together, those three products are all you need to create a fresh, lightly contoured face.

Brow Down Super Soap and Set Brow KitMecca Max Brow Down Super Soap and Set Brow Kit, $26. SHOP NOW.

Morning Glow Off Duty Cream Complexion Stick copyMecca Max Morning Glow Off Duty Cream Complexion Stick Trio in Morning Glow, $46. SHOP NOW.

Mecca Cosmetica Holiday - Signature Glow EditMecca Cosmetica Signature Glow Edit, $68. SHOP NOW.

For anyone looking for the perfect gift

Though I’m of the strongly held opinion that any beauty product can make an excellent Christmas gift, giving or receiving anything in festive packaging just feels special. So, it’s great news for me (and my family and friends) that this year’s holiday collection features some super sweet packaging from crackers to ornaments to everyone’s favourite holiday tradition, the advent calendar.

And while every product in the collection is packaged beautifully, the very thought of putting Mecca’s cult-favourite sunscreen inside a Christmas cracker is almost too much handle. Similarly, my beloved Mecca Max Skin Splash Watercooler Serum coming tree-ready in an ornament is a gift in and of itself. And for all the beauty advent calendar fans, Mecca has well and truly delivered this year with their collection of minis.

Mecca Cosmetica Holiday - To Save Face SPF50+ Superscreen Cracker - 2Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF50+ Superscreen Oxybenzone Free Formula Cracker, $23. SHOP NOW.

Skin Splash Watercooler Serum OrnamentMecca Max Skin Splash Watercooler Serum Ornament, $25. SHOP NOW.

Max Minis 12-Piece Mini Must Have Advent SetMecca Max Max Minis 12-Piece Mini Must Haves Advent Set, $68. SHOP NOW.