Credit: Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

When I was 19-years-old, I snuck into Romance Was Born’s Dinosaur Renaissance show, a Mesozoic-flavoured creative bacchanal the brilliance of which has never left me. To say that the experience was transcendent would do it a great disservice – every time I hear Like a Prayer, which is a semi-regular occurrence, I’m taken back to the only moment of euphoria I’ve ever experienced at Sydney University.

Last night, designers Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett made another indelible impression on the landscape of Australian fashion with their Resort 2018 collection Electro Orchid. A torrent of unfettered creativity that felt equal parts like a celebration of their greatest hits – I tasted notes of Berserkergang and Cooee Couture in some looks –  and a promise of what’s still to come, Electro Orchid saw the designers reunite with one of their many muses, the critically-acclaimed Australian artist Del Kathryn Barton, for a series of spectacular painterly Swarovski embroidered looks, some of which featured the artist’s singular figures rendered with incredible likeness.

Put simply, it was a spectacular finale to a week that delivered some, but not a great deal many, memorable moments. And next time I hear any one of Donna Summer’s greatest hits – which, again, is a semi-regular occurrence – I know exactly where and when I’ll be taken.

View the full Romance Was Born Resort 2018 collection here

Tile and cover image: Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images