Voluminous shirting and knitted bloomers courtesy of the Country Women’s Association lent a sense of Edwardian frivolity to macgraw’s Resort 2018 collection
Credit: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

You can’t always get what you want, (or at least, so goes the song) but it looks like the MacGraw sisters came within tantalising reach today at the presentation of their Resort 2018 collection for their eponymous label macgraw – a titular Love Letter not only to fashion and its inherent potential for creating joy, but seemingly also to each other. 

Coming off the back of a stellar year in which sister act Tessa and Beth MacGraw claimed both the National Designer Award and the Australian Woolmark Prize, the show (much like last year’s ebullient offering) threw off the austere shackles shared by many of its predecessors in favour of a celebratory mode. From the opening bars of Nicki Minaj’s isolated Monster verse (truly, iconic) to the grinning models, it became clear that this was a collection made for living (and dancing) in, right down to the mismatched velvet court shoes in pink, blue and crimson hues.

As far as their muse was concerned, the designers cited preppy Brit girls with punk attitude and an Australian sense of humour – a reference evinced most clearly in antiquarian silhouettes with an irreverent twist, like high-collared blouses rouched at the shoulder and paired with a black pinafore or lace mini. And even if you couldn’t see a matching knitted bloomer and cardigan set courtesy of the Country Women’s Association merging seamlessly with your wardrobe, there was no shortage of pieces that screamed ‘user friendly fun’.

Then there was the golden eagle motif, splayed across double breasted suits, dresses and blouses tied with pussy bows. The eagle wears a crown on its head, and a sash across the breast that, on closer inspection, reads something that looks very much like ‘Loyal’.

But as far as these two are concerned, it might as well say ‘Watch the throne’.

View the full Macgraw Resort 2018 collection in full here

Tile and cover image: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images