Flex mami Marc Jacobs
Illustration: Annie Naranian

GRAZIA: What are your favourite attributes about yourself?

FLEX MAMI: My boldness, assertion and ability to learn things quickly. I like that I’m able to articulate my thoughts and feelings properly. That’s my favourite!

GRAZIA: When do you feel most confident/empowered?

FLEX MAMI: Speaking to a group of people about topics that matter to me. I like the feeling of capturing an audience’s attention, bouncing ideas back and forth, and making people feel encouraged enough to share their ideas as well. I remember hosting a huge manifestation panel and workshop last year and it was simply perfect. Especially because people were resonating with my messaging. It was so much fun.

GRAZIA: What is your number one pick-me-up tip when you’re feeling unmotivated? 

FLEX MAMI: Stop doing the things you don’t want to do. Spend two-three hours indulging in something you love, whether it be food, or an activity, then go back to the thing you’re supposed to do. It works wonders.

Flex Mami’s List Of Joy: 

A fresh manicure (these are inspired by the Marc Jacobs Perfect fragrance bottle. By Sydney-based nail artist Victoria Houlliss)
Cold juice
Conceptualised a DIY and making it well
Thai Massages
A conversation that makes me feel seen
Helping people solve personal problems
Good hugs
Moisturised skin
Disposable income
Warm French fries (never too hot!!!)

Flex mami Marc Jacobs
Credit: Instagram / @flex.mami. Nails by Sydney-based nail artist Victoria Houlliss / @mannequin.hands

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