Illustration: Beckie Di Leo

GRAZIA: This illustration is a unique imagining of your unique world; perfect just the way it is. How do the things depicted in the illustration make up your individuality? 

REBEKAH CLARK: A big aspect of my individuality is where I come from. Hailing from country New South Wales I lived on a farm with my family of eight. We lived 20 minutes out of town – which to city dwellers may feel like a comfortable commute – but with just one family car we took the bus each day which meant early mornings and being the first at school, even before it had opened. And the last to leave in the late afternoon. I witnessed bitterly cold winter days and long periods of drought but in comparison, so many beautiful days spent out in nature amid wild flowers and animals, as beautifully illustrated by Beckie Di Leo. I believe it was times of trials and triumph that ultimately shaped my work ethic and where I wanted to be in the future.

Moving to London has always been a dream of mine and another aspect of my industry I am yet to explore. I hope to one day again have the opportunity to travel to the city and continue writing – and of course, drinking copious amounts of coffee.

GRAZIA: We’re at an interesting inflection point in the world where the pursuit of perfection is finally being stamped out as a tired idea. In its place is a celebration of uniqueness. Can you describe a moment or a time in your life where you felt like you came into your own? 

REBEKAH: In periods of struggle I often remind myself that moving to Sydney after high school was the best decision I ever made. That is when I really came into my own, though I understand that won’t be the last transformative period for me. I was studying in a field I was passionate about and surrounded by like-minded people – luxury fashion isn’t a popular topic where I come from. The years preceding my studies, and again at GRAZIA, further instilled that I was on the correct path, and that what I was doing was meaningful and what I’m good at.

GRAZIA: What are your favourite attributes about yourself? 

My strong work ethic, kind approach and relaxed attitude.

GRAZIA: When do you feel most confident/empowered?

REBEKAH: Albeit a little cheesy, I feel most empowered whenever I’m dressed well, hair and make-up done and trotting around the city or in other cities around the globe in the name of work. I’ve always said that if I move or motivate even one person with my writing, that I’m doing my job. A good interview or powerful article has always boosted my confidence to strive for further opportunities.

GRAZIA: What is your number one pick-me-up tip when you’re feeling unmotivated? 

REBEKAH: It sounds counter-intuitive but if I’m feeling unmotivated, I push myself to exercise or play sport. I always feel more relaxed, it inspires me to eat better and the endorphin rush is a bonus for productivity – all ways that make me feel better in my capability in tackling the to-do list.

GRAZIA: What do you love most about Marc Jacobs Perfect scent?  

REBEKAH: I grew up with the Marc Jacobs scent range, so I love that ‘Perfect’ is an extension of those nostalgic times. It reminds me of where I’ve been and where I’m going. Marc Jacobs Perfect reminds us to celebrate optimism, self-acceptance and originality, which I believe all women need to embrace.

GRAZIA: What are your top three tips for self-love/managing self-doubt/insecurities? 

REBEKAH: 1. Don’t compare yourself to other people, only the person you were 12 months ago. Growing individually is more important than what you see on someone’s Instagram feed and believing they have it easier or your progress isn’t quick enough will only stunt your growth. 2. Lean into what you already love and are good at. We all need an outlet that can boost our confidence or that clears the mind. 3. Say ‘No’ occasionally – we’re often caught up in the unrelenting speed of ‘busy culture’ as best described by The New York Times here. Slow down and look after your mental health before adding something else to your calendar.