Few scents had as big a cultural impact across the last 24 months like Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540. Dubbed by TikTok as the sell of money, the heady floral-amber composite went from underground luxury fragrance to the most complimented juice of 2021.

To the collective delight of brand fans, the house has just ushered in a fresh new launch called 724. Unlike Baccarat Rouge — with its syrupy notes of candied fruit and smooth amber — 724 is light, airy and expansive. Inspired by the always on electric energy that beats through New York City, 724 combines notes of clean laundry, jasmine, mock orange and bergamot — it’s fresh at first sniff, but the richness of aldehydes and musk give it an urban edge.

“There is something about big cities that sweeps over you, electrifies you, elevates you. I translated that communicative energy, that life pulsating in unison, into a musky, floral, urban fragrance that I named 724, for 24 hours of scented living, 7 days a week” — Francis Kurdjian 

“There is something about


There’s no denying it’s decidedly different from Baccarat Rouge; 724 is cleaner, softer, and feels luminous as opposed to evocative. But it’s no safe, sweet scent either — Kurkdjian himself is lauded for complex olfactive hits you’ve not smelled elsewhere, and 724 is no different.

It’s just dropped online and in-store locally at Mecca, and comes in either a 35ml, 70ml or 200ml size. It’s housed in the signature Francis Kurkdjian square glass vessel with a gold lid, but in this instance the glass is tinted blue (alluding to hallmark signs of urban living: blueish-grey cement, denim jeans, or a nighttime sky above the glow of street lights).

It might not have quite the impact of its predecessor, but it’s a comforting, uniquely addictive fragrance that’s slightly more understated — in other words, special all the same.

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