Madison Beer album
Credit: Instagram @madisonbeer

When GRAZIA spoke to Madison Beer in early 2020, she had just released her hit single ‘Selfish’. Talk on her forthcoming album was steadily increasing with fans itching for updates. On Friday, the 21-year-old appeared in a Vevo Lift short film titled “Dreams Look Different In The Distance”, where accompanying commentary reflects on her short but seismic entrance into the music industry.

“So much of who I am is grounded in paradox,” Beer begins. “Sometimes I feel I’m being seen for all the wrong things, and that I’ve fallen into a cycle of having to prove myself over and over again.”

The 5-minute video lends fans an intimate insight into Beer’s creative evolution. The video was an obvious nod to her forthcoming debut album, ‘Life Support’ with further details unclear at the time. Mere hours ago, the ‘Hurts Like Hell’ singer ended her 3-week social media hiatus to share the album track list with a huge 17 songs.


Along with already-released tracks such as ‘Good In Goodbye’, ‘Selfish’ and ‘BOYSHIT’, the album features intriguing titles such as ‘Follow The White Rabbit’ (perhaps a nod to Alice In Wonderland?) and ‘Stay Numb And Carry On’. It’s safe to say we’re hooked.

Madison Beer Album
Credit: Instagram @madisonbeer

Beer has revealed in the past that Life Support is far from a breakup album. Instead, it could be her most honest work yet and will touch on topics such as “mental health, body image and bullying”.

“My album is really my time to tell my story the way I want it to finally be told which is why I’m so excited for it to be coming out…”, Beer exclusively told GRAZIA in 2020. But she reiterates it’s still not easy to be vulnerable.

“My fans have done an amazing job at making me feel so comfortable talking about things like that and they’ve welcomed me with open arms and have been nothing but supportive. But it’s still super intimidating and scary and can be very overwhelming, especially for someone like me who is very sensitive and takes what everyone says to heart… It’s hard to show people a soft spot that is possibly going to be poked at. It’s difficult but I would rather take the pain than not tell my story.”

Life Support from Madison Beer is out on February 26. Mark your calendars.