Lily May Mac knows all too well the melting pot of creativity that exists on Instagram. The influencer and model has built a career within the platform, accumulating four million followers who love to double-tap the mix of beauty, fashion, and travel content that forms her grid. Her aesthetic is clean and chic, flitting between New York, Sydney, Tokyo and the like, all whilst inspiring a makeup mood that’s all about a #glowingcomplexion, baby-doll eyes, #fluffybrows and over-lined, peachy lips.

In this instalment of GRAZIA’s Madeup By Explore series, Lily had literally just stepped off a flight from Paris, so the idea was to mask any creeping signs of jet lag with light layers of product that will impart a fresh, post-juice-cleanse level of glow. And Lily’s favourite way to kill time in transit? A deep dive into her Instagram Explore Feed, where she can curate beauty looks, get inspired, and pretend she isn’t flying long haul. Want to emulate a similar clean, woke-up-like-this vibe? Follow Lily and makeup artist Max May as they use the grid to guide their beauty direction.

Glossy Skin And Faux Freckles

Lily’s Explore Feed is all about tonal, #monochromaticmakeup, which makes sense given that Instagram is practically the birthplace of plush nude lips, soft contours, and thick, fluffy lashes. Her belief system is skin first, makeup second, so a really hydrated, glowy complexion is key. Lily looks to influencers like @aminamuaddi and @imjennim for skincare tips, routine breakdowns, and product recommendations she can save, screenshot and (probably) add to cart. To achieve a similar #dewymakeup base, layer serums, moisturisers, and oils in excess. In terms of coverage and finish, it’s less about Kardashian-style baking as it is about clean, #glossyskin, and subtle definition around the cheeks and eyes. Think matte, apricot-toned shadow in the crease, and a touch of liquid liner extended to the outer corners, as demonstrated by Max above. He even takes the idea of a natural skin-finish to another level, painting a smattering of pint-sized freckles across Lily’s nose and cheeks. Use a super soft taupe pencil, and buff in gently with a fluffy brush. The end result is soft, angelic features, or makeup heaven, according to Lily and Max.





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