Credit: Disney

MAC has announced the release of its latest collaboration, this time with Disney’s upcoming film Cruella. The movie sees Emma Stone take on the role of the iconic Cruella de Vil, delving into the backstory of the 101 Dalmations villain. And now MAC have released a range inspired by de Vil’s infamous punk-era beauty look. The collection, which includes an eyeshadow palette and lipsticks, is said to embody the “new wave” period of Britain in the 70s and 80s, where the film takes place.

“With there being such a huge trend for recycling the more niche counterculture moments of previous decades, this collection feels like MAC returning to a celebration of the kind of DIY styling and brave transformation that originally made it such a maverick brand,” MAC’s director of makeup artistry Terry Barber said in a statement.

Credit: Supplied by MAC

Barber describes the capsule range as “high glam with plenty of attitude, brought to a new generation”. The brand worked closely with on-set makeup artist Nadia Stacey to create a range that was true to Stone’s looks in the film. Stacey wanted to ensure that Cruella’s makeup was truly reflective of the time. “A girl growing up in London in the ’70s, and a friend of punks, is coming up with that look,” she explained.

The primary part of Cruella’s makeup is the dark, exaggerated eye makeup. “A dark pencil, a dark pewter eyeshadow and white eyeshadow. That’s the whole basis of the eye makeup,” Stacey said. “The punk thing is about pulling [the eyeliner] straight out. It’s all blended out straight out, and then you want lashes.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete Cruella look without blood-red lipstick. “You want a killer red lip,” says Stacey, who kept the edges of Stone’s lipstick sharp and precise. “There’s a Clara Bow feel to it, and you have to get that in there. It’s almost like the lip is done with a ruler.”

The collection is available now, and we can’t wait to recreate Stone’s vampy looks at home.