Michael Bublé really set the bar when he asked Santa to slip a Rolex under the tree. Because in all honesty, if you can’t splurge at Christmas time, when can you? Especially after the year that was…

But expensive timepieces aside, one thing we’d really like to unwrap this year is a luxurious beauty buy: think decadent face creams, high tech hair tools, classic designer fragrance and serums housed in golden bottles. So here, we’ve put together the Grazia edit of big ticket beauty buys – the best (and brightest) in show for that special, skincare-obsessed someone (or you know, the ultimate gift to self). Put these on your list and check it twice… you most certainly deserve it.

Dyson Corrale, $699. SHOP NOW

“Dyson is the gold standard in hair innovation, loved by everyone from my mother to celebrity hairstylists like Chris Appleton. Whenever the tech company unveils a new drop, it’s a big deal, and the latest of which was the Dyson Corrale. The brand kindly sent me one to try and its been my one-and-only ever since: the tool I love to travel with (it can be used cordless!), curl, and straighten. Its main appeal is that it’s designed to prevent hair damage thanks to its flexible plate technology. The result? Shiny, smooth locks with just one pass, instead of several, to prevent heat damage. It’s a hefty price tag, for sure, but this is most likely the last straightener your loved one will ever need.” – Marisa Petrarca, US Beauty & Style Editor

Imbibe gold sculpting tool, $110. SHOP NOW 

“When it comes to beauty investments, I love a facial device more than most. Imbibe is a relatively new brand but this Gold Sculpting Tool has firmly cemented itself on my wish list. The 24-carat plated wand gently vibrates 6000 times per minute, working to lift the skin and deeply infuse serums. Perfect before a big event or to lessen post-party season facial bloat.” – Emily Algar, Contributing Beauty Editor

La Prairie Platinum Rare Haute Rejuvenation Cream, $2,270. SHOP NOW

“La Prairie is synonymous with luxury. Established in 1978, the Swiss brand is known for its science-backed products, all of which include the company’s top-secret Cellular Complex. But its newest innovation is the miraculous Platinum Multi-Peptide that fights any and all signs of ageing, present in the brand’s newly reformatted—and highly sought-after—Platinum Rare collection. Its amethyst-inspired packaging, reminiscent of artwork, is as breathtaking as the formula is effective. The price point’s steep, but that’s expected of a brand of this caliber. And while all six products in the line are worth the splurge for someone special, it’s the line’s multi-benefit Rejuvenation Cream that’s earned the coveted spot on our vanities. Meant for use in the morning and evening, it reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and enhances your natural glow. –Marisa Petrarca, US Beauty and Style editor  

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Gold, $159. SHOP NOW 

“‘What does everyone know about this product that I don’t?’ I used to wonder as I gazed upon the glowy visage of the 723rd person I met who declared their love for Estée Lauder’s cult Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex. Celebrities swore by it, seasoned beauty editors set aside an endless onslaught of press offerings in favor of it, but I had never actually tried it until this year – which in the beauty industry is akin to writing about cars, without ever having driven one. Beauty lore dictates that you enlist this famous complexion defender at least once in your life, but likely around the time that those first few ageing indicators arrive, such as fine lines, dullness, loss of elasticity. The oil-free emulsion (read: fine for blemish-prone complexions like mine) boosts brightness and refines skin tone and texture courtesy of an impressive formula packed with antioxidants. I was an immediate convert after a few months of consistent use. In short? It’ll work (really, really) well for almost everyone so it’s a safe gifting bet this season, and if you needed any further convincing? It’s also gotten dressed up for the occasion with swanky gold packaging. Sold!” – Kate Lancaster, Contributing Beauty Editor

La Mer The Restorative Hydration Collection, $800. SHOP NOW

“Everyone remembers the first time they tried Crème de La Mer. I recall fastidiously researching how much of the fresh, floral-scented cream to use (a tiny bit, less than a pea size) feeling like a queen as I gently pressed the lightweight formula into my skin. As is the case for most beauty enthusiasts, that was only the beginning of our love story, and our latest chapter is inspired by the company’s limited-edition Restorative Hydration Collection: a holiday set comprising its precious Crème de La Mer and barrier serum The Concentrate. The luxury duo work together to soothe, protect, and moisturize thanks the Sea Kelp-infused Miracle Broth extract. The set comes packaged inside of a blue-and-white travel bag, perfect for gifting to the woman with an affinity for little luxuries.” – Marisa Petrarca, US Beauty & Style Editor

Victoria Beckham Beauty Posh Lipstick Trio, $103. Shop Now Via Net-A-Porter 

“Posh Spice had many iconic beauty moments; the time the bob became the bouffant in the “Say You’ll Be There” music video, the creamy flush on those high cheekbones at the Los Angeles premiere of Spice World in ’98, the list goes on. In a year where nostalgia tugged heavily on the heart-strings of many (remember when you could jump on a plane to London?), Victoria Beckham paid homepage to her former moniker by releasing a series of 90s-esque lipstick shades in browns, mauves and beiges. The Posh Lipstick Trio – in “Spice”, “Pout” and “Pose” – makes a beautiful, luxury gift this Christmas (one is a mid-tone ginger shade, one a pale coral pink and the other a mid-tone mauve). Each is infused with the brand’s Pomegranate Jojoba Complex for smooth, plump and moisturized lips. Take it from us, the formula is so emollient that your lips feel really hydrated and lush, two non-negotiables when kissing under the mistletoe or planning world domination come 2021.” – Jessica Bailey, editorial director 

Chanel No. 5 Eau de Parfum, $371. SHOP NOW

“I have this really vivid memory of sitting on the bed in my mother’s bedroom as a little girl and watching her get ready for a dinner. Her scent of choice was always the classic Chanel No.5; the powdery, floral fragrance was the olfactive translation of something really indulgent and expensive and signalled a good night was to be had. There was something almost sensual to the smell as well as she walked out the door, its vanilla note leaving a trail that would last minutes. While I used to wear Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum in my early 20s, I now wear Chanel No.5 for an occasion – and in one spritz, I’m instantly transported back to that singular pocket of time in my mother’s bedroom. If you’re unsure what to get a woman of any generation, gifting Chanel will always be a winner (and maybe too will become a somewhat time capsule for your family as well.)” – Jessica Bailey, editorial director 

Sulwhasoo Cult Classics Skincare Set, $243. SHOP NOW 

“There’s been a movement this year towards buying and using less skincare and I’ve become a fervent disciple. In 2020 we’re finally starting to recognize that perhaps layering product after product could actually be counterproductive to our complexions, with experts now advising us to strip it back and prioritize efficacy over extent. Enter Sulwhasoo’s Cult Classics Skincare Set, a limited-edition edit of the Korean beauty brand’s best-selling items, to whittle down your routine without deducting the ever-important indulgence factor. Inside the plush velvet case (a very welcome bonus) you’ll find your first step post-cleanse, Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum – a product so popular it’s sold more than two trillion units since launch – which employs traditional Korean skin principles to hydrate, brighten, firm and leave the skin properly prepped for ensuing products. The next step is also your final step, thanks to the potent properties within the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream (ginseng, obviously, to nourish and energise skin cells and promoting a youthful luminosity). Buy it for yourself or your serum-obsessed bestie, and thank me when your skin is better for it.” – Kate Lancaster, Contributing Beauty Editor

Resorè Body Towel, $149. SHOP NOW VIA MECCA

File this under things I didn’t know I wanted until now. Sure, a towel seems pedestrian as far as gifting is concerned, but this luxe iteration is actually designed for skincare enthusiasts (such as myself). It’s hypoallergenic, antibacterial and made from eco-friendly fibres that feel straight out of a five-star hotel (all my Kevin McCallister Plaza Hotel dreams realised). The hero technology is actually something called Silverbac, a compound that breaks down germs and odours, stopping the spread and incubation of 99.9% of bacteria and irritants, even after machine washing. The branding is also impossibly chic, and lord knows I can’t resist that. – Emily Algar, Contributing Beauty Editor

byredo fluer fantome room spray, $151. SHOP NOW 

Some people want their home to smell like cookies and mulled wine during the holidays, but I can’t go past this heavenly Byredo room spray. It’s a floral that’s anything but ordinary – think cut grass, zingy lemon, sweet tulips and deliciously rich suede. It smells expensive but welcoming… just the way I like it. I’ll be gifting this to my best girlfriend who just bought her first place. – Emily Algar, Contributing Beauty Editor