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Those privy to see a preview of Beauty And The Beast (hands up over here!) will know Luke Evan’s portrayal of the greedy, arrogant and bitter Gaston steals the Disney live-action show. Just as charming off screen, the Welsh 27-year-old actor appeared on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he revealed he liked to sing songs to his mum over FaceTime to test them out. “This is me singing Adele, I am the biggest fan of Adele and my mum is on the little iPad on the screen,” he explained. “This is what I do on a Sunday morning…I learn Adele tracks. I FaceTime my mum when I learn a new song and she loves that. She tells me whether I need to drop it then or maybe learn it a little better.”


In Australian cinemas on March 23, Evans stars alongside Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and a stellar cast as the talking teacups and candelabras in Academy Award winning director Bill Condon’s Beauty And The Beast. The feminist side to Belle is pushed further than the 1991 animated character and while it may be hard to grapple with the idea of a woman falling in love with her captor in 2017, the overarching message that personality and inner beauty trumps physical appearances will be an important lesson for the next generation of Beauty And The Beast fans. Keeping to the film’s original score, it’s Evans who is a cast stand-out, even if he appears too old to be matched with Watson’s Belle.