Thought Lucy Boynton’s beauty look couldn’t get any better? Wrong. Attending the Charles Finch X Chanel BAFTAs party at Lou Lou’s in London, Boynton’s eye look was every bit the cat’s meow.

Makeup artist Jo Baker did again, this time painting two perfect little cat ears on either corner of Boynton’s eyes with purr-fection (we couldn’t help ourselves). Playing with the classic catty shape of old, yet executing it with a new kind of kitschy flair, the eye look also borrowed from another beauty trend du jour – negative space. Short and sharp, thick and hollow – it was the perfect melding of two trends currently abuzz in the beauty landscape.

Baker drew inspiration from myriad sources, the obvious being a cat, but not just any old cat, rather, beautiful little black kittens. Tracing cute little kitten ears with an inky black eyeliner, the finished look looked like two pointy little ears popping out from each corner.


Kitty aside, the sharp collar of Boynton’s Chanel dress also played beauty muse to Baker. “Why I wanted black symmetry and thought of feline features!!!” she wrote on Instagram.

“Loved the angels of the bow…made me think of this shape impressioned on the eyes!!” she added, with each wing reminiscent of the bow’s corner.

But, the layered beauty referencing didn’t stop there. Baker also looked up, down and around – quite literally. Proving inspiration really is all around us, she looked to London’s angular aesthetic for a final snippet of inspo. “Lucy Boynton eyeliner like…..London architecture,” she mused. London’s razor-sharp angles, “hidden corners, lanes and squares” transpiring in Baker’s wondrous work. “Forever inspired by the nooks and crannies!!!!” she added.


Who knew a dark corner could be so inspiring? Add Chanel and a cat to the mix, and your next beauty look is sorted. Curiosity in fact didn’t kill the cat, but us, so we’ll be trying this one at home. Wish us luck.