“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” says Mary Poppins as she plucks a large plant in gilt pot from her carpet bag. “A little more light perhaps,” she continues, this time pulling out an antique lamp with tasselled shade from the seemingly infinite tapestry tote. The incredible objects continue: a pair of pale lilac pilgrim pumps, a silver hand mirror, then finally, after diving shoulder deep into the bag, the tape measure she was after. “Ah, ha, ha, ha! There it is! Good.” It was one of the most iconic scenes from the 1964 classic: that magical, magical carpet bag – where amazing, larger-than-life objects would miraculously emerge – left not only Jane and Matthew Banks in awe, but us too. And this morning, Lizzo had her own Mary Poppins moment with Jacquemus’s cult Le Chiquito bag.

Not quite as eloquent as Julie Andrews – “YALL WANNA KNOW WHATS IN MY TINY BAG BITCH?” – Lizzo did her own kind of Poppins’s magic, pulling all kinds of objects – big and small, edible and non-edible – from the tiny lavender bag.

Furiously digging into the micro bag, it starts off small, a pencil – nothing out of the ordinary. Then she gets a little peckish – “Bitch, I’m hungry” – so the objects get a little bigger, Pringles and a bottle of wine. Then bigger, an entire change of clothes. But perhaps the funniest moment is when she pulls out a wig. “I don’t have room for this in my bag!” she screams to her friend off camera.


The hilarious video comes off the back of the white V-Logo Valentino bag she wore to the 2019 American Music Awards – AKA the teeniest, tiniest bag we ever did see – which basically broke the internet at the time. As the micro bag continues its fashion dominance, Lizzo’s spoof on the trend is nothing short of hysterical.

As Jane Banks says in Mary Poppins, “She’s wonderful”. Indeed, Lizzo really is.

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