It sounds like 2022 is going to be a major Lindsay Lohan revival, if internet gossip is anything to go by. The star – who recently announced her first film in a long time with a Netflix Christmas-themed romantic comedy – is apparently set to headline the next big Ryan Murphy series.

The news is most definitely gossip with no hard facts (for now), but it comes via notorious Instagram page Deuxmoi, which has been known to leak celebrity news in the past. A follower sent in a blind item, stating “The fact one of Ryan Murphy’s favourite actresses left a reply on Lindsay Lohan’s post about getting back to work might appear like a simple nice gesture, but they’re actually in talks to co-star in the next season of a certain series.”

While they don’t mention which series – Ryan Murphy is the talent behind many big-name shows currently, from American Crime Story to The Politician. One report discovered that Sarah Paulson, who was a regular cast member for American Horror Story up until 2019, commented recently on a post by Lohan with praise-hands emojis. Could Lindsay be making a comeback via the horror series?

Pauson in a scene from American Horror Story. Credit: FX

More likely may be American Crime Story, which Murphy executive-produces, as Paulson has starred in two of the three seasons, with the recent season, Impeachment, seeing the actress play Linda Tripp, a pivotal character in the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal. The next season is rumoured to be focusing on famed 1970s disco, Studio 54. We can definitely see Lindsay with Farrah Fawcett waves.

Studio 54 was known for its hedonism and celebrity attendees. Credit: Robin Platzer/Getty Images

While this is currently just a rumour submitted anonymously, we wouldn’t be surprised if Ryan Murphy found Lindsay Lohan to be the perfect addition to a series of his. With a love for tongue-in-cheek comedy and camp, Lohan – a wonderful comedic actor who has long been known to not take herself too seriously – feels like a dream casting.

Here’s hoping the rumours turn out to be true, and we see Lohan in Murphy’s next venture.