It’s easy to think of Lily Collins as her character in Emily in Paris: dressed in bright colourful feminine dresses, sipping an iced latte and wearing unrealistically high heels during the day.

But outside of the show, which is everywhere lately due to its second season dropping this week, Collins has her own signature style which is quite different to that of Emily. Recently, the actress has been giving her wardrobe a chic update, showing off her version of French girl style by pulling off Celine pieces, top-to-toe Givenchy and, of course, a signature red lip. 

Though Collins has been experimenting with her style (and doing it perfectly), of late, there’s one element of her look she’s stuck by since she became an actress: her long brunette hair. 

But for her latest photoshoot, Collins not only dyed her hair jet-black, but she chopped it into a mullet, making herself completely unrecognisable. In photos shared to Instagram, Collins, who looks like a ‘90s punk princess, is seen with heavy eyeliner with oversized, reverse cat-eye wings, a bright red lip (which has been drawn on with a pointy Cupid’s Bow) and, in one picture, even a nose ring.

The fashion is edgy, too: she’s wearing a cut-out bodysuit, huge platform boots and fishnet stockings. Seriously, Emily who?

Despite Collins pulling off the look, it was almost definitely a wig: she was back to her long locks in no time. But here’s hoping the short style gave her some ideas—mullets are in fashion, after all. Just ask Miley!