Irrespective of your current situation, here’s no denying that we’re all missing the universally expansive experience that is international travel. From soaking up the sun in a sprawling seaside metropolis to exploring the cobbled streets of a city steeped in history, there are few things we miss more than jetting off to a new destination, arriving home rich in memories and special souvenirs to commemorate the trip.

But while it’s looking like unencumbered overseas jet-setting might still be a little way off, we’re commiserating the loss of the sights and sounds of a new city by indulging in the scent of it instead – otherwise known as Le Labo’s City Exclusives collection. The cult fragrance purveyor is renowned for its special edition line which features seven scents, each inspired by different international cities.

Most of the time, the City Exclusives are quite literally exclusive to each city and can only be shopped at its local Le Labo store. The brand is incredibly strict about this being a unique experience, with each fragrance only available in the city it was created for, with no phone orders or online sales permitted. It’s made purchasing a City Exclusive scent a momentous occasion for travellers, who can take a spritz of the city home with them in their suitcase.

Of course many of us haven’t been able to do so in some time, but thankfully once a year – for one month only – Le Labo make an exception and allow the sale of the entire range in select international retailers. And honestly? It’s the sensory escapism we all need right now.

Using notes inspired by Le Labo’s impression of each city, the City Exclusive scents are all distinctive to each global destination. There’s Vanille 44 for Paris, Gaiac 10 for Tokyo, Musc 25 for Los Angeles, Mousse De Chene 30 for Amsterdam, Tabac 28 for Miami, Citron 28 for Seoul and the newest edition, the vibrant, acidic scent of Cedrat 37 for Berlin.

Sure, it’s not quite the same as strolling through a new city – but if the closest we can get right now is spritzing a small piece of a place we’re missing? We’ll take it.

Le Labo’s City Exclusives range is available via select MECCA stores during the month of September