Reality star turned lifestyle guru Lauren Conrad has graced us with her family Christmas card, and it’s basically an overwhelming explosion of adorable.

The former Hills star and husband William Tell welcomed their first child this year, a boy named Liam James.

Little Liam is undoubtedly the star of the young family’s Christmas photo, which she shared on Instagram.


But before you start to feel bad that you didn’t get a professional portrait session done with your family and mail it to everyone you know for Christmas, and wonder if you’re a failure because your life isn’t as picture perfect as LC’s, read her caption:

“We finally got our act together and sent out a Holiday card this year! (But we also managed to kill our Christmas tree in 2 weeks… so there’s that.”

See? Even Pinterest queen Lauren Conrad killed her Christmas tree. And it was plastic! Just kidding. But still.

In other LC-related news, earlier this month she got the chop.

Obviously, now we want one too. That woman could make an eighties perm look good.