Last Night In Soho Anya Taylor-Joy
Credit: Parisa Taghizadeh / Focus Features

While we’ve already pre-emptively dubbed Last Night In Soho as one of the best horror films of 2021, the release of the final trailer overnight could prove it to be a fashion fan favourite too. Following an award-winning appearance in the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit, Anya Taylor-Joy will star alongside Matt Smith and Thomasin McKenzie in the time-warping “psychological thriller”.

Set to be released from October 29 for the UK and the US (Australia will have to wait until November 4), the film will be available for highly-anticipated viewing in time for Halloween festivities.

Last Night In Soho
Credit: Parisa Taghizadeh / © 2021 Focus Features, LLC

McKenzie will play ‘Eloise’, a young fashion designer who finds a mysterious way to travel back in time to London’s West End in the 1960s. She encounters a famous cabaret singer, Sandie (played by Taylor-Joy), but the character quickly realises not everything is as it seems. The film is fuelled with glittering flapper dresses and flamboyant make-up to transport us back to a different era.

The film is directed by Edgar Wright who is also known for his work on Baby Driver. Speaking to The Wraphe described the production as a “cautionary tale” for the overly nostalgic among us.

“The moral of the story is, even if you could travel back in time, you can’t have the good without the bad, so it’s sort of a cautionary tale for those who are overly nostalgic about the past,” Wright said. “There is no perfect decade where everything was good and nothing was bad. It doesn’t exist…They like to imagine it was all better before but, of course, that’s not true.”

Last Night In Soho
Credit: Parisa Taghizadeh / Focus Features

Last Night In Soho saw its premiere at the Venice Film Festival which also fuelled speculation that co-stars Taylor-Joy and Smith are dating. The pair sat in a boat on the canal and appeared very cosy with one another. It seems however that it was a carefully staged PR move after it was discovered that Taylor-Joy has been dating Malcolm McRae since April.

Watch Last Night In Soho in Australia from November 4.