A snippet from the Lanvin FW21 short film.

I admit that I didn’t expect to begin my week with a music video celebrating Gwen Stefani’s early-aughts hit “Rich Girl.” Nor did I have any idea that that’s exactly what I needed to start the day off on the right foot—even well before my first cup of coffee. You see, there are digital, live-streamed fashion shows, and then there’s Lanvin’s unexpected runway-show-music-video hybrid, unveiled on Monday, March 8. During the three-minute production, creative director Bruno Sialelli encapsulates the French luxury label’s glamorous aesthetic while simultaneously paying tribute to the house’s archives dreamed up by founder, Jeanne Lanvin.

Sialelli’s creative team brought the collection’s short film and accompanying lookbook to life at the Shangri La Hotel in Paris. The still images are vintage-inspired, resembling polaroids plucked from an old scrapbook documenting grand celebrations of the past. The video, though, is more likely representative of a post-COVID-19 era. Models party in a lavish suite and treat the luxury establishment’s hallways like a runway. They dress in the designer’s upcoming styles, including—but not limited to—feather-trimmed cocktail dresses, sleek pantsuits, and silhouettes featuring lipstick-themed pop art prints designed in collaboration with the James Rosenquist Foundation.

Per an interview about the FW21 collection, the short film—a kitschy ode to the MTV music video of Stefani’s chart-topping single—was created to make viewers dream of popping Veuve Clicquot in their nicest outfits with good company, as an early aughts soundtrack plays in the background. “I wanted to get into people’s heads,” Sialelli said in regards to the short film. “I watched a lot of fashion videos, and after about three minutes, you start to get bored. So I wanted to really translate a story in a short amount of time.” To pack even more of a punch into the three-minute video, the designer recruited rapper Eve to reprise her iconic solo from the 2004 original. She’s filmed in the back seat of a limo, dishing out lyrics as models, wearing matching leopard silhouettes, dance in the Shangri La’s opulent bathroom. Of course, smiles are plastered across their faces.

And in the rare case you haven’t already, watch the short film below to experience the fabulous music video-fashion show hybrid.