Few beauty brands have a backstory quite as special as La Mer. The hero ingredient – Miracle Broth – is actually a fermented kelp extract that was discovered by Aerospace Physicist and dreamer Dr. Max Huber after he sustained a chemical burn in a lab experiment gone awry. Much to his delight, the elixir significantly improved the burn within hours, and now, after 6000 reformulations and 12 years, the iconic Miracle Broth formula forms the basis of the entire La Mer skincare range, including the iconic pink and green Crème de La Mer – a symbol of luxury amongst even the most refined product lineups (an Instagram hashtag search will only confirm the fact that La Mer occupies prime vanity real estate, and for good reason).

Since it’s inception, La Mer (which quite literally translates to “the sea”) has always waxed poetic about its love for the ocean and all its restorative powers. Using kelp specifically sourced from waters in Vancouver, Miracle Broth is the accumulation of all that Dr. Huber loved about the sea: it’s restorative power, purity, and exceptional ability to transform and regenerate. The recently launched La Mer The Regenerating Serum is one such product that speaks to the above and then some in terms of the skin. Created to bolster collagen production and reduce wrinkles, it’s a light, milky liquid that melts in like butter and has a silken (but never greasy) finish. And packed with both Miracle Broth and metabolic ferments, the result is smoother, bouncier, calmer skin that is clear and luminous – a hallmark of the brand, if nothing else. And being a serum, it’s concentrated, super-charged, and going to act as an integral step in any effective skincare routine.

To experience the serum in real life, we asked three women to chat us through their skin, how they curate a routine, and why they look to a serum when it comes to achieving tangible results. Grazia’s Beauty Editor Emily Algar (who wants a whole lot of calming and soothing for a perfect makeup base) blogger and content creator Kristy Wu (hydration and fine lines are her main concerns) and pro surfer Laura Enever (who needs to nourish and rejuvenate her complexion after hours spent in the elements) are all on film, talking skin, serum, and the sea. See the short films in full below.




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