We’ve quite literally seen Kylie Jenner with every hairstyle – and hair colour – under the sun. She’s had bobs and lobs; quiffs and curls; pixies and poofs; cotton candy colour and powder blue hues; basically, she’s had it all. And now the makeup mogul has gone to all new lengths showing off extra long hair on Instagram.

After reinventing the festival braid at Coachella with impressive lacework consisting of shell and cross charms, Jenner padded out her already-long locks with even longer extensions and hair pieces, with her hair seemingly growing a few inches overnight. So long, in fact, her new strands now skim those famous thighs and bottom. Jet-black and straggly at the ends, Jenner’s hair blows in the breeze like the white macramé of her form-fitting dress, as she poses in a sunny pocket of Californian sun.

Of course, no amount of hair supplement will give you “overnight” Jenner length, but they will provide thickness and some much needed oomph for thinning hair in about three months. So for those with patience who are in it for the long haul, try a supplement like Viviscal, the hair growth supplement models swear by. Remember, good things come to those who wait, and according to Jenner, “good hair = good day”.

Or, if you’re impatient and want it now, a good old hair extension will do the trick.