Much as we love the fabulousness of the Awards Season red carpet, there’s something compulsive about seeing behind-the-scenes snaps of Hollywood superstars getting preened by the glam teams beforehand.

Thanks to Instagram stories, we’ve never had better birds-eye-view of the hours of spritzing and fussing that happens before they sashay past the papparazi and news media so quick to scrutinise (read: judge) how they’re dressed. (Consider it a high-budget wedding day prep on steroids.)

If we didn’t already love actress Kristen Bell, it’d be impossible not to after seeing her Insta-stories unfold in the hour before today’s 76th Golden Globe Awards. From jokes about the huge breakfast she’s scoffing in her hotel robe, snaps of her in a chair by the balcony having hair, makeup and nails done, to footage of her stylist sewing her calf-length Spanx support wear to the waistband of her flowing blush-toned gown (what happens at bathroom breaks, we don’t want to contemplate…), Bell is as hilarious and candid as ever.

All the while, hubby Dax Shephard sits in bed on his laptop. Oh, to be a man needing no more than a shower, quick hair coif, slip in the cuff-links and you’re good to go.

But it’s the clever trick she uses to slip on her too-small (obviously borrowed) precious jewellery that we can all note as a take-home. While someone drapes her left hand in diamonds cuffs, Bell rests her right hand in a silver hotel ice-bucket full of freezing water.

Whether it’s for the application of a bangle or rings, she doesn’t say, but either way, it’s a trick any of us could use in hot weather if we’ve struggled with our own jewels. (Cue: light bulb moment!)

“When you have the hands and the knuckles of a 12-year-old Playstation addict, you have to shrink them in order to get these bejewels on them,” quips the actress to the camera.

“So sometimes you need to stick your hands in a bucket of ice to shrink those big old knuckles.”


We wouldn’t go so far as to call her heavy-handed, but we do know for sure that Sherphard isn’t the only hilarious person in their household.

More of the 76th Golden Globes red carpet to come…