We all remember that very uncomfortable moment when Carrie Bradshaw confronted a broken Natasha to apologise for her affair with Big. It was gut-wrenching, soul-crushing stuff. We also remember that slow walk away; those iconic curls bouncing to the beat of a sad saxophone, the misery all over her face and that Dior newspaper dress. As much as it was a season-defining moment, it was also a defining fashion moment; Carrie’s tiny body clad in John Galliano’s newspaper cuttings a fashionable apogee in a show which had many (so, so many).

And yesterday, Kim Kardashian dusted off the Dior in L.A., revisiting the iconic scene with a little Dior newspaper of her own. At the launch of Wardrobe NYC’s Release 4 – a denim collaboration with Levis – Kardashian wore a skirt version of the famed print, part of Galliano’s Fall/Winter 2000 collection for the house. A pencil skirt with a mighty thigh split, she teamed it with a simple tank and thong heel (another ’90s fashion trend which has been revived).


We can’t help but wonder if Carrie (and Galliano) would approve of Kim’s look, but either way her vintage Dior rehashing has us in the mood for a little vintage shopping of our own. While we couldn’t track down the exact newspaper collection, we did find some other iconic Dior treasure which is all shoppable below (and we think would be approved by Bradshaw). And should you wish to revisit that awkward scene, the Carrie vs. Natasha showdown is also below for your viewing pleasure (or displeasure!)

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