Kim kardashian
Credit: Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images. Kim Kardashian attends KKW Beauty Pop-Up at South Coast Plaza on December 4, 2018 in Costa Mesa, California.

The Kardashian family has been through so much drama that it’s no wonder they’ve had more than enough content to keep a reality TV show going for 14 years. But one of the most unexpected, unscripted, and unplanned by ‘momager’ Kris Jenner things to happen to the family’s most famous member was when she was held up at gunpoint during a robbery in Paris. 

Yunice Abbas, the 67-year-old man who robbed Kim Kardashian in Paris on October 3, 2016 alongside four other armed men, has decided to try to make money off her incredibly traumatic experience, writing a criminally bad (sorry) tell-all book. And in the process of promoting it, claims he had no idea who Kardashian was. 

Abbas was arrested in 2017 and is accused of stealing US $10M worth of jewellery from Kardashian, including her $4M engagement ring from husband Kanye West while she was in her apartment during Paris Fashion Week.

His book, titled J’ai Séquestré Kim Kardashian, or I Kidnapped Kim Kardashian, is currently in its promotional stages and in an interview with Paris Match, Abbas revealed that he genuinely didn’t know who he was robbing – and how famous she was, until the next day when it was all over the news. “My mate… who put me on the job, had simply told me the victim was the wife of a famous rapper. I didn’t want to know more at that stage,” he told the publication. “I regret what I did and not because I was caught! For victims, it’s always violent even if we thought we were being gentle.”

Abbas also gave details as to how he knew that he would eventually be caught, and that someone from Kardashian’s inner circle tipped the gang as to where she was, and what they could potentially steal. “I was under no illusions. I understood we’d be caught,” he said. “There was too much pressure, we weren’t prepared enough. We didn’t know it would make this much noise. 

He said that the group were in the apartment for less than ten minutes because Kardashian was cooperating. After entering the apartment and holding Kardashian at gunpoint, the group zip-tied her hands and ankles, dumped her in the bathtub, and left with the jewellery and two cellphones. “It went fast, maybe five, six, seven minutes, from entry to exit, because everything went smoothly. Nobody interfered, the victim handed over the jewels without resistance,” he said. 

In the book, Abbas alleges that Kardashian tried to call 911 when the group arrived in the apartment, writing that the emergency number for the US is “not very efficient when you are in Paris.” He then went on to detail what happened after the group left – and, just like not knowing who Kim Kardashian is – it’s a pretty unbelievable story. Per The Telegraph, Abbas describes how within moments of cycling off with his loot he got a flat tyre, sending him (and his goods) over the handlebars and onto a Paris pavement. He wrote that during the ordeal, a $40,000 pendant was left behind. Then, to top it all off, Kardashian’s phone rang with an incoming call from singer Tracey Chapman. “At the moment that I heard a police car, the sound of the phone made me jump. To my incredulous eyes [Chapman’s] name appeared on the phone’s screen. It’s not possible. I must be hallucinating,” he wrote.

Abbas said that he threw the phone into the Canal de l’Ourcq and continued home, before waking up the next day to realise that the biggest robbery of a single person in two decades was of Kim Kardashian West. You wouldn’t read about it – or maybe you would.