Last year, Harry Styles broke the internet when he appeared on a magazine cover wearing a Gucci gown. At the time, people—this writer included—questioned whether a white cis musician (granted, a very charming one) wearing a dress should be held up as a barrier-breaking moment for gender fluidity. Others—especially those who are Black, trans or gender-nonconforming—aren’t met with applause should they do the same, instead they’re oftentimes met with violence and abuse. 

Moreover, Styles was nowhere near the first male musician to go against gender norms and embrace traditionally feminine silhouettes. He was joining the likes of David Bowie, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Prince and Kurt Cobain, the latter of which Kid Cudi just paid tribute to with his own viral dress moment.  

While appearing as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, alongside guest host Carey Mulligan and Kid Cudi fan Timothée Chalamet, who made a surprise cameo, Cudi took to the stage wearing a green cardigan as an homage to the Nirvana frontman’s famous outfit from his 1993 MTV Unplugged show, which was recorded just months before he died. 

But it was his second outfit that really stopped the press. Cudi quickly changed into a floral Off White dress by Virgil Abloh, reminiscent of another of Cobain’s most iconic outfits, which he wore for a live show in 1989. 

Cudi was paying homage to Cobain because of the 27th anniversary of his death earlier this month. On Twitter, the rapper revealed he’d told Abloh he wanted to “show love” to Cobain with a floral sundress and the designer came back with the dress he wore on stage. Cudi also said he’s designing a collection with Off White and that the dress will be included.

The only thing we need next is for Styles and Cudi to collaborate, Gucci gowns and Off White floral dresses essential.