You could never tell from her flawless look on the Vanity Fair Oscar Party red carpet, but Kendall Jenner had to be rushed to hospital just hours before the event.

As per the New York Post, the 22-year-old was using a vitamin drip IV (the intravenous vitamin injection that dehydrated and tired stars apparently swear by) to prepare for the event when she had a bad reaction to the mixture.

Kendall was taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills to be treated for the reaction and still made it to the party on time looking no worse for wear. Crisis averted.

It’s not the only health problem the reality-star-turned-model has battled lately; she’s been open about her struggle with chronic anxiety.

“I feel like the life I live is extraordinary in a lot of ways but that it also comes with a lot of responsibilities,” she said recently.

“I’ve had to grow up pretty fast and deal with situations most 22-year-olds aren’t really put into. There are days and weeks and months when you just don’t stop.”