Kate Becksinsale
Kate Beckinsale is seen on July 22, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

If Kate Beckinsale – a successful, beautiful, wealthy actress and mother – hasn’t been on a real date in her whole 47 years of living on this earth, well, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Despite being married, having a child and being linked to numerous high-profile individuals, Beckinsale says she’s still never been courted in the traditional way.

“Do you know I’ve never really been on a date? I literally meet someone, get to know them at work, and then either marry them or get pregnant by them,” she told Extra.

The actress – who has just signed onto the new Catherine Hardwicke film Prisoner’s Daughter with Succession star Brian Cox – shares a 21-year-old daughter with former lover Michael Sheen, and was married once upon a time to film director Les Wiseman (they separated in 2015, and divorced four years later).

In in past couple of years, Beckinsale has dated funny men (comedian Matt Rife, comedian Jack Whitehall, comedian Pete Davidson) – and it makes complete sense to anybody who follows the actress and her cats and dogs on her Instagram page.

Forever dressing them up, and speaking to them as though they are in a hair salon or picking out a funny little lettuce hat for a grand event, we’re frankly left wondering why Davidson didn’t French kiss this Goddess at Rangers games for any longer than four months. The woman is hilarious!

One thing Beckinsale says she wants to avoid in 2021 is blind dates. “I just can’t think of anything I’d hate more than sitting in front of somebody I don’t know, that, chances are, I won’t like, and have to sit and watch them eat food.”

We can’t count on many things these days. But throughout the pandemic, Kate Beckinsale dressed in a white beanie with a fluffy bauble and Baby Spice’s white platform sneakers while entertaining her cat was a constant we got used to.

If only men taking women on real dates was as a reliable thought.

Someone wine and dine this woman stat. Someone amazing.