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Karl Lagerfeld has made scathing comments about Meryl Streep after the two appear to have had a falling out over an Oscars gown.

Streep became the latest target of the Chanel creative director’s famously frank manner when he accused her of being ‘cheap’ and cancelling an order for an Oscars gown the Best Actress nominee had planned to wear to Monday’s awards ceremony.

“I made a sketch, and we started to make the dress,” Lagerfeld told Women’s Wear Daily. “[But then someone from Streep’s camp called and said] ‘Don’t continue the dress. We found somebody who will pay us.’”

“After we gift her a dress that’s 100,000 euros [AUD $135,000], we found later we had to pay [for her to wear it]. We give them dresses, we make the dresses, but we don’t pay,” the 83-year-old continued.

“A genius actress, but cheapness also, no?”

Streep has spent years cultivating a respected reputation in Hollywood, so it seems out of character that she’d risk tarnishing her name and try to score a few dollars by getting paid to wear a designer dress. Still, it does sound like an unusual move to agree to and then pull out of a $135,000 custom Chanel dress at the last minute.

A spokesperson for Streep denied Lagerfeld’s claims, telling The Hollywood Reporter that it’s against her personal ethics to be paid to wear a gown.

Meryl is nominated for Best Actress for her role in Florence Foster Jenkins –  her 20th Oscar nomination, making her the person with the most Academy Award nominations alive or dead. When the nomination was announced last month, she responded in a very 2017 way – with a gif.

Lagerfeld, meanwhile, has earned a reputation for his no-sugar-coating comments. Last year he blamed Kim Kardashian for being robbed in Paris, saying she flaunted her wealth on social media too much and tempted the criminals.